Hidden Prophets of the Bible

Hidden Prophets of the Bible
By Michael Williams
Publisher: David C Cook
Category: Bible Study
Release Date: 08/01/17

The Minor Prophets are among the least read portions of the Bible. Unknown historic references and unfamiliar imagery keep the average Bible reader from spending much time with them. Williams, an Old Testament professor places these prophets historically as well as elucidates their specific concerns and something of their known identities.

As interesting as these observations are, more valuable is how these prophets signaled and anticipated the coming Messiah, and how they described His reign. Williams often teases out where the prophet is referring to oncoming events for Israel and where he points to Christ’s coming, whether His first or second. The author also draws the link between each prophet’s message and the Gospel.

The book is ideal for preachers looking for a handy guide to the Minor Prophets, but average Bible readers will also benefit. Discussion questions at the close of each chapter make this title ideal for group study.