Holding the Fort

Holding the Fort
By Regina Jennings
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 12/2017

When Louisa Bell—“Lovely Lola” as she’s known at the dance hall where she sings—rebuffs her boss’ attentions, she finds herself without a job. With no talent other than her voice, she decides to join her brother at Fort Reno. When she arrives, however, she finds his latest shenanigans have him in trouble with his commanding officer.

Major Daniel Adams is a capable leader, but the Indians are unhappy, his soldiers stationed at this understaffed fort are restless, and his two daughters are unruly. Mistaking Louisa for the governess he had sent for, Daniel wonders about her unconventional ways, but the girls take to her, and he’s too busy to question what they are learning.

Louisa’s performance to hide her true identity results in funny and touching moments as she learns about God and His expectations, including honesty.

—Kim Peterson