Honeysuckle Dreams

Honeysuckle Dreams
By Denise Hunter
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 05/2018

One of several contemporary romances sharing a setting in the Georgia mountains, this latest novel tells of an unconventional relationship between Brady and Hope.

Brady is in danger of losing custody of his son, but his longtime friend Hope agrees to marry him to give him better standing with the court. Both have painful pasts and this new marriage brings these issues to the forefront as they grow closer and both desire to succeed.

Though it starts almost as a business arrangement, their relationship grows into a deep, romantic bond as they heal from their past wounds of abandonment and loss. God is more in the background but is seen positively as their hope and help to restore brokenness.

Their physical relationship does get spicy once married, and drugs are mentioned. Discussion questions are included.

—Sarah Brown