How Do I Pray?

How Do I Pray?
By Mikal Keefer
Publisher: Lifetree (Group Publishing)
Release Date: 03/2018

This book is designed to help readers develop more confidence in their prayer life. It’s easy to develop stereotypes of the “correct” way to pray—for instance, folding your hands and closing your eyes. But the Bible says David danced while others stretched out arms, knelt, or even stood.

Keefer explains it’s unnecessary to rely on formulas to pray, as these can become stumbling blocks. Ultimately, we discover God’s voice by spending time with Him. Prayer, in its simplest form, is merely having a conversation with God, which includes listening.

Keefer’s book is concise and to the point. It includes simple but effective exercises to assist readers in discovering the most comfortable way of praying and communicating with God. Highly recommended.

—Jolane Shaffer