How to Fix a Broken Record

How to Fix a Broken Record
By Amena Brown
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 11/07/17

“I trust Google more than I trust God.”

That relatable confession is one of many in this music-themed book, which aims to help readers overcome fears, awkwardness, and other “broken records” of life’s soundtrack.

Brown, a spoken-word poet, opens up about dating and marrying at age 31, and about relationships with family and friends. She talks honestly about her childhood desires to belong, her decision to remain a virgin until marriage, her search for her African roots, her feelings about church, and her current struggle with infertility.

Her story is artfully told, but what makes this book unique is the way Brown incorporates her love of music, from the album-related introductions at the beginning of each section to regular references to songs and artists.

Brown is in her 30s, but this book’s youthful spirit and topics will appeal to audiences much younger than that. Suggest this vibrant title to young women and music fans.

—Christy Pitney