Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season
By Lauren Denton
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Women’s
Release Date: 04/03/18

Close as children, sisters Betsy and Jenna are drifting apart. As the eldest, Betsy has always been Jenna’s protector and champion, so she barely hesitates when Jenna wants to leave her two young daughters on the Alabama farm where Betsy and her husband, Ty, live.

Jenna has an opportunity to attend a two-week artist retreat where she hopes to awaken her dormant dreams of becoming a professional photographer. However, Jenna is unaware of her sister’s own heartbreak and Betsy’s dream of becoming a mother.

When Addie and Walsh arrive on the farm, Betsy guards her heart, but as two weeks stretches into longer, she opens up to the girls and to Ty as well. Meanwhile, Jenna is faced with a decision of her own that could change all their lives during this hurricane season.

—Kim Trivilino