Imagine: The Ten Plagues

Imagine: The Ten Plagues
By Matt Koceich
Publisher: Barbour
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Release Date: 03/2018

There’s no shortage of persecutors in the life of Kai Wells, both in the present and the past. When confronted by the school bully, Kai endures a punch to the face and is launched into an ancient world where pharaoh rules and the tyrants are out for blood.

Befriending local Israelites, she experiences the release of the 10 plagues as pharaoh repeatedly rejects Moses’ entreaties to set God’s people free.

Part of a series, this book takes extreme license with biblical accuracy in order to compress the action into a palatable and entertaining story aimed toward middle school youth. The author plants the seeds for subsequent volumes, laying groundwork that will eventually unite the characters and their stories in what promises to be a climactic end.

Koceich’s description of the plagues is graphic but age-appropriate. Recommend this book for its entertainment value, to initiate discussion about Old Testament events, to help children grasp the extent of God’s power, and to encourage them to draw upon it to confront the bullies they encounter.

—Elizabeth Wisz