Imperfect Justice

Imperfect Justice
By Cara Putman
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: 12/05/17

Emilie Wesley, an attorney for a women’s center, helps women escape abusive situations. But she never expects Kaylene’s story to end so terribly.

Kaylene Adams was planning to leave her husband, but when she fails to appear in court to receive a protective order, Emilie believes something has gone terribly wrong for her client. And she’s right. Did Kaylene really shoot her daughters before she died?

Reid Billings—Kaylene’s brother—is picking up the pieces amidst his grief when he discovers two mysterious boxes and a letter from Kaylene that begged Reid to protect her children. He’ll need Emilie’s help to do it, and he’ll have to risk his heart in the process.

Imperfect Justice is solidly written with great tension and a feminine-yet-tough heroine. With greater empathy than John Grisham and more intuition of the human heart, Putman brings real humanity to the genre.

—Jaci Miller