In His Image

In His Image
By Jen Wilkin
Publisher: Crossway
Genre: Christian Theology
Release Date: 05/31/18

In His Image helps seekers gain insight into God’s will in their lives. Wilkin’s premise is that not every option will be open. The road forward is not that the believer should know God’s will for their life but who they should be.

The author suggests that as Christians, we need to be concerned with decisions we make. We need to remember that God can use the outcome of any decision—good or bad—for His glory and our good (Simon Peter is used as an example of this). However, by making better choices, we become better people.

Divided into 10 chapters such as “God Most Holy,” “God Most Loving,” etc., the book includes suggestions of verses for meditation, questions for reflection, and prayer at the end of each chapter.

Although Wilkin’s usually writes for women, I would highly recommend this thought-provoking book for any audience. Readers will be encouraged to make better decisions and enriched by the wisdom contained in this book.

—Jolane Shaffer