In Over Your Head

In Over Your Head
By Susie Larson
Publisher: Harvest House
Release Date: 03/2018

“I had no room in my life for red lights, wide-load trucks, or leaky dishwashers,” says Larson, recalling a season when she’d overcommitted. “Every minute had its place in my day as I whipped from one task to another, checking them off my list upon completion.”

Once she realigned her priorities, Larson felt more peaceful and aware of God’s blessings. In this book, she draws on her experiences as a fitness instructor and mom of three to help others gain a similar life balance.

Larson discusses both physical health, like the importance of rest and proper nutrition, and spiritual health, such as enduring trials and redirecting thoughts. Her advice is applicable and insightful; for example, in the section on nourishment, she encourages readers to view mealtime as an opportunity to acknowledge God’s goodness.

Chapters include prayer, Scripture, next steps, and space for written reflection. This refreshing read is for women of all ages.

—Christy Pitney