Into His Likeness

Into His Likeness
By Edward Sri
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Release Date: 01/2018

A theologian and leader of a ministry to Catholic university students defines and shows what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Imitation isn’t only external, but with the Spirit’s indwelling, becomes internally motivated as we exercise faith in following Him.

Sri shows how God works with the ups and downs of life to make us holy. He also points readers to what’s needed to keep our initial flame burning: worship, fellowship, and prayer. He’s in the Catholic meditative tradition, though not pietistic. He realistically demonstrates what’s involved in spiritual warfare, how God works with us through it, and how this leads to an earnest following after Jesus.

Protestants will wince at treatments of the sacraments and the vindication of the pope, but the rest of the book is so good that these fade into the background. Recommend to anyone wanting to live more faithfully for Christ.

—Gerald Wisz