Into the Wilds

Into the Wilds
By Brent Alan Henderson
Publisher: Whitaker House
Release Date: 03/06/18

Henderson lives a life of adventure. He has fished and hunted in Alaska, confronted poisonous snakes and other dangers on safari in Africa, and has hunted wild boar, deer, caribou, and many other animals around the world. He’s also a Christian who speaks to more than 40 outreach events each year, trying to reach men who are normally not interested in the church.

Henderson believes the church hasn’t done a good job of discipling men who have the same kinds of interests that he does. Jesus was a fisher of men, and He knew where to find them. Jesus didn’t “find them slouching in a church pew, half asleep. He went wherever they were and spent time with them, fished with them, went to parties with them, and then He asked them to follow Him.”

The author wants to take lessons learned from the unpredictable wilds of nature and apply them to the home front. He tells compelling stories of his own experiences and connects them to spiritual teaching such as finding your true identity in Christ, building trust with other men, recognizing and rejecting Satan’s lies, and building stronger marriages.

Henderson has worked as a professional musician, performing with such artists as Steven Curtis Chapman and Sandi Patty. He also has faced personal failures that he confronts honestly in this book as he provides guidance to other men.

Into the Wilds is a unique combination of adventure memoir and spiritual coaching that many men will find appealing.

—Joseph Bentz