Isaiah’s Daughter

Isaiah’s Daughter
By Mesu Andrews
Publisher: WaterBrook
Genre: Historical/Biblical
Release Date: 01/16/18

Ishma can’t marry the boy she loves. Serving in the prophet Isaiah’s household since being orphaned at age 5, she’s developed an unlikely close friendship with Isaiah’s student—the crown prince, Hezikiah. From two different worlds, they have a common bond of traumatic childhood experiences, but Ishma is unqualified to be the next Judean king’s wife.

Hope replaces sadness when she becomes Hephzibah, a royal maiden through adoption. Hezikiah wants only one wife forever—Hephzibah—but it is against his family’s wishes. Their evil doings are hindering, but Hephzibah’s sudden standoffishness is confusing. Trusting God with their future is crucial.

Extensively researched, Andrews’ powerful saga brings to life this Bible-based “fictional scenario” of ancient Queen Hephzibah’s rise to royalty. The well-crafted storyline creatively integrates love and romance amid court intrigues, twist-and-turn plots, and scriptural accounts.

—Nancy Kanafani