Jerusalem Rising

Jerusalem Rising
By Barbara Britton
Publisher: Pelican Book Group
Genre: Historical/Biblical
Release Date: 12/01/17

Headstrong young Adah, daughter of one of Jerusalem’s two governors, has a chance to bring her aging father glory—and to follow the Lord’s calling—when she agrees to help Nehemiah rebuild Jerusalem’s broken city walls. Soon Adah finds herself assuming a leadership role in a place and time where women had few rights. Not everyone is happy about Adah’s newfound prominence, as she and Nehemiah must battle foreign and domestic enemies to see Jerusalem’s wall rebuilt.

Jerusalem Rising raises other interesting themes—taxation, social justice, and the role of women, to name a few. The book reads smoothly, with fleshed-out characters and moments of truly engaging dialogue.

Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this trip to biblical Jerusalem.

—Meghan Riley