Jungle Sunrise

Jungle Sunrise
By Jonathan Williams
Publisher: Noble Novels
Genre: Adventure

Jonah Frost is washed up. Despite his creative gifts, he has had writer’s block for three years. His divorce from Paige, coupled with his dead-end job teaching creative writing at a junior college led him to depression and drinking.

Fired and humiliated, he attempts suicide. His brother, Noah, a linguist, invites Jonah to join him on a four-month trip to the Peruvian Amazon to study the native language group of the Amarakaeri tribe of Duba. They encounter missionaries, Memphis and Abigail Jones, who have lived with and served this tribe. The Americans and the tribe are transformed as they share trials, tragedy, and triumph in this gripping novel.

Strongly recommended as an inspirational and profoundly spiritual story that will touch readers’ hearts and souls.

—John Bernstein