Kind Is the New Classy

Kind Is the New Classy
By Candace Cameron Bure
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Biographies/Autobiographies
Release Date: 04/24/18

Cameron Bure recently appeared on the game show To Tell the Truth and was openly belittled by another participant. Instead of lashing out in anger, she decided to be kind, even telling the other person—on air—that she forgave her.

That’s the premise of this book: Kindness is always the right choice. Cameron Bure, an actress and producer known for her roles on Full House and Fuller House, encourages women to live graciously and gracefully. She addresses topics like friendships, purpose, ambition, and conflict, offering both personal and professional anecdotes and a thoughtful, seasoned perspective. Bonus material consists of her testimony and guidance on studying the Bible.

Cameron Bure may be a celebrity, but she writes in such a warm, down-to-earth tone that readers will feel as though they’re chatting over coffee with a good friend. With its practical approach and Christ-centered advice, this book will resonate with women of all ages.

—Christy Pitney