Like Me or Not

Like Me or Not
By Dawn M Owens
Publisher: Worthy Publishing
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 05/15/18

You always have a choice. Will that choice be people pleasing or God seeking? In her first book, recovering approval addict, Dawn Owens, identifies all the ways that craving approval can negatively affect our lives. Whether one’s addiction is that of people pleasing, insecurity, control, personal offense, jealousy, anger or fear of rejection, she has overcoming suggestions.

Knowing that there are few people who do not struggle with the need for approval, Owens has taken these seven addictions and with descriptive personal and shared stories and biblical references, led readers back to the one who truly cares for them—God. As she says, “The truth is and always has been, God is in control. Period.”

This 14-chapter book is designed for an individual study—not just reading—or to become an eight-week group study. There are leadership guides, questions, references and even prayers to enhance study preferences.

—Donna Watson