Love Held Captive

Love Held Captive
By Shelley Shepard Gray
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Western, romance, historical
Release Date: 10/10/17

Lizbeth Barclay’s life is about to change again. Her elite status ended during the Civil War. The aftermath? Physical and emotional scars. When the womanizing Confederate colonel Bushnell, who violated her, stays at the hotel and makes advances, she hides in an empty suite. But the room’s handsome guest is there, and she’s fired.

Ex-Confederate major Ethan Kelly has problems adjusting after the war and POW camp. Plagued with guilt and regret since plundering a woman’s home, he’s stunned at the second chance to do right after finding her in his room. Protecting Lizbeth is paramount, but his anger at Bushnell escalates to retaliation—the colonel victimized other women and recently seriously hurt his best friend.

Best-selling author Gray’s newest book candidly reveals Civil War era struggles amid love, trust, and moral/ethical issues. Discussion questions follow. Mentions rape and sensual wording. Historical romance novel fans will enjoy.