Love Thy Body

Love Thy Body
By Nancy Pearcey
Publisher: Baker Books
Genre: Contemporary Issues
Release Date: 01/02/18

Pearcey is a professor of apologetics, scholar in residence at Houston Baptist University, and editor at large of The Pearcey Report. Her newest work successfully addresses many of the culture’s most pressing (and distressing) beliefs on individuals’ perspective regarding their bodies; abortion; what constitutes a human person; the hookup culture; homosexuality; transgender; and societal meltdown.

Pearcey offers Christ followers plenty of biblical truth and expertly dismantles the unbiblical, even dangerous, thought systems that are infiltrating the evangelical church. She provides generous real-life scenarios that further illustrate how easily men and women are drifting away from the inerrant Word of God to embrace whatever society deems to call relative.

In six fully developed chapters, serious believers will be challenged to rethink some of their former stances on these life and death topics. Pearcey eloquently addresses our culture’s present and future path and equips Christians to communicate intelligently about these matters with those who may oppose biblical truth.

—Michele Howe