Lydia, Woman of Philippi

Lydia, Woman of Philippi
By Diana Wallis Taylor
Publisher: Whitaker House
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 10/03/17

Few women are mentioned by name in the Bible, but Lydia is listed in Acts as a seller of purple and a believer of the one true God. When Paul and Timothy journey to Macedonia, they meet Lydia and a group of believers who eagerly welcome Paul and Timothy’s teachings about Jesus.

In this novel, the author shares what Lydia’s life might have been like, imagining her as the daughter of a Roman father who believed in many gods and a Jewish mother who followed Yahweh. This serves to strengthen Lydia’s faith in God through the years as she sees her mother’s faith tested through different trials. A series of events brings Lydia to Macedonia and an encounter with Paul, Timothy, and Jesus.

This intriguing look at what Lydia’s life might have been like reflects how trusting God with your life will never be a mistake.