Madison Park

Madison Park
By Eric Motley
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Biography/Autobiography
Release Date: 11/14/17

In Motley’s autobiography, he reflects on his upbringing in Madison Park, Alabama, a small community founded by freed slaves in 1880.

He gives readers a ride through our complicated modern history, writing eloquently about race relations, community, family, patriotism, politics, and, foremost, the faith that ties them altogether. This same faith led him from a small, rural, impoverished town all the way to Washington D.C., as a special assistant to President George W. Bush.

Like life, Motley’s story is filled with humor, evil, highs, and lows. This is no textbook. It is written with the kind of authenticity that makes readers feel as if they are sitting across a table from a good friend who is spinning a long, engaging yarn.

While the content is appropriate for teens and older, probably older readers can better appreciate the epic scope of the story.

—Vince Lovato