Maps Transport Kids to the Holy Land

For Stephanie Holleman, a mother of four, the Bible came to life in a new way during a trip to the Holy Land. The experience sparked an idea, which led to the creation of Bible Story Map, a company that provides detailed teaching posters for children.

“When I heard Bible stories in the place where they took place, it was like hearing the stories for the first time,” Holleman recalls of her life-changing trip. “While I was there, I kept thinking about why I hadn’t ever learned about the locations of Bible stories in Sunday school and why churches didn’t have maps posted on every wall. When I returned home, I had a passion to teach others about the Holy Land and provide a map of children’s Bible stories for parents and teachers to use as a resource.”

Holleman, a former preschool director and teacher, first launched Bible Story Map in 2015. She works for months on an initial concept before turning over preliminary sketches to a skilled team of graphic designers who illustrate each colorful poster. Holleman’s unique line of products now includes everything from posters outlining the Ten Commandments and the Fruit of the Spirit to intricate maps encompassing numerous Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments, allowing children to discover the overarching narrative of the Bible versus standalone stories.

“I created these posters with my own kids in mind and wanted to provide them with visuals to help them understand the Bible. I also made these resources with volunteer Sunday school teachers in mind,” Holleman shares. “Teachers don’t always have a lot of Bible knowledge or planning time; therefore, the more we can provide better resources for them, the more children will enjoy learning about the Bible.”

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—Lindsay Williams