Mere Science and Christian Faith

Mere Science and Christian Faith
By Greg Cootsona
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Release Date: 03/2018

A seminary professor with experience ministering among “emerging adults” provides a picture of their concerns and beliefs in the wake of modern science. Cootsona considers several hot-button topics in the Christian community and discusses how science and technology need to be better understood by the church to reach youth.

The author attempts to integrate theology and science, especially in regard to evolution. There are three main views: literal six-day creation, an evolved Adam selected by God from out of a group as a representative head, and understanding Genesis 1–3 as typology. Cootsona subscribes to the last view and explains how the Bible needn’t be inerrant to be infallible.

Other scientific preoccupations are also explored: How can we Christianly interact with neuroscience, artificial intelligence and its prospects, and the claim of genetic determinism in the LGTBQ community?

Recommended for its informative landscape but wobbly on what many would consider faithfulness.

—Gerald Wisz