Miracle in Shreveport

Miracle in Shreveport
By David and Jason Benham
Publisher: W Publishing Group
Release Date: 03/27/18

Miracle in Shreveport is a story of two brothers who know how to live and work together. David and Jason Benham grew up with a love of baseball and their father taught them well.

In life one of our first leadership obligations is toward our siblings and this story stresses the importance of relationships. Comparison and contrast is a good learning technique, but in families that can result in sibling rivalry.

Abandoned places like the stadium described here often evoke a feeling of loss, a visual reminder of the passing of time. The descriptions in the book are good and there are several references to the importance of prayer.

Inspirational quotes about baseball start each chapter heading. At 177 pages this is short enough to be read in one sitting. It will appeal to athletes, coaches, and fathers. Readers will also appreciate the appendix.

—Dave Baker