Missing Isaac

Missing Isaac
By Valerie Fraser Luesse
Publisher: Revell
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 01/2018

When his father dies, Pete McLean counts on his mama, grandpa, and Isaac, a field hand. Though Pete is white and Isaac is black, Isaac fills the gaping hole in the boy’s broken heart. He answers questions, takes Pete fishing, teaches him how to do things. Then Isaac disappears.

As the residents of Glory, Alabama, grapple with the rapidly changing perceptions of race, class, and even faith during the 1960s, Pete begins a years-long search to find his friend. What he discovers about evil and love and grace changes his community forever.

Award-winning magazine writer Fraser Luesse turns her talent to fiction with a distinctive style. While readers can’t dismiss the reality and harshness of an era when real-life turmoil filled the nightly news, she reminds us that deep bonds existed between many folks despite religion and skin color even in the Jim Crow South.

—Kim Peterson