New 18-Book Fiction Series Spans Mayflower to WWII

When Rebecca Germany, fiction editor for Barbour Books, saw a commercial for the TV show Who Do You Think You Are?, she saw an opportunity. “I was thinking about the popularity of genealogy searches and people who like to trace their ancestry to become Daughters of the American Revolution. This led to doing a connected series based on heroines who could all trace their ancestry back to the voyage of the Mayflower.”

The “Daughters of the Mayflower” series launches in February with The Mayflower Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse, followed by five more in the series in 2018 and 12 more over the next two years.

“We like to hook readers and keep them coming back for more,” says Germany. “Readers and retailers can be easily distracted, and we want to keep their attention.”

Woodhouse is also writing The Patriot Bride, releasing in August, with an additional four more titles for the series. Other authors with 2018 releases include Kathleen Y’Barbo, Michelle Griep, Shannon McNear, and MaryLu Tyndall. Settings include New Orleans in 1725, Fort Wilderness in 1760, the Revolutionary War, Cumberland Gap in 1794, and the War of 1812. The final book in the series will be set during World War II.

“I’m excited because I love the idea of the series spanning from the Mayflower to World War II, hitting all the [major] historical events,” says Woodhouse.

“The subject matter is tough; everyone dealt with so much heartache and hardship, yet they kept the faith and kept going,” says Woodhouse. “This was a huge inspiration for me in my own life. We’re so spoiled now; we have no idea what people sacrificed and did just to get a taste of freedom.”

Barbour is planning e-book releases for each title and will likely release collections of three books each at a later date. The company is developing a series-driving website that will include freebies, additional information about the books, and exclusive content provided by the authors.

—Ann Byle