Newsboys Unite for Unprecedented Reunion Tour

First, DCTalk got the band back together for a cruise that ignited a frenzy among Christian music fans. Now, Newsboys is following suit and launching a massive arena tour that finds the current lineup of Michael Tait, Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein, and Jody Davis reuniting with the group’s former bassist, Phil Joel, and former lead singer, Peter Furler.

The idea for a collaborative tour was first sparked when the band asked Furler to sing on their latest single, “The Cross Has the Final Word.”

“We started jamming a bit in the studio. I saw these guys at a few festivals and jumped onstage with them. It’s been very, very organic,” explains Furler. “The one thing that I’ve always liked about Newsboys is it’s not super calculated. When you’re doing creative things, you can’t be sometimes.”

This spring, the Newsboys United Tour will travel to 45 cities nationwide, featuring Joel’s current band, Zealand, as direct support.

“I think fans are going to really enjoy seeing Pete and Phil back with us again,” Phillips enthuses. “I think it’s going to be a real moment.”

For the six men who will share the stage, the tour is an opportunity to collaborate on multiple levels, both creatively and relationally. Tait says he’s most looking forward to “performing, singing, laughing, praying with these guys, days off with these guys and loving on the people who come to the shows.”

For retailers, the highly anticipated outing is a chance to capitalize on Newsboys’ extensive discography, as well as introduce customers to Zealand and Furler’s solo work since exiting the band. It’s also a prime occasion to kick up promotions surrounding the God’s Not Dead franchise, which the band has been heavily involved with, as the series’ third installment hit theaters March 30.

“Obviously, there’s some back catalog that can be explored by a lot of people who have maybe never heard of the old stuff, some of the younger fans,” Davis offers.

“There’s a different mentality with kids. I have two teenagers, and they don’t care when a song was released,” adds Joel.

Sonically, music has evolved, yes; but Newsboys—a band that’s been around in one form or another for three decades—is living proof that if quality songwriting and hard work form your foundation, people will continue to listen, regardless of the year an album was birthed.

“Good music is good music,” Frankenstein contends. “A good song will transcend the test of time.”

—Lindsay Williams