Nichole Nordeman Returns with First Album in More Than a Decade

Known for hits like “Holy,” “Legacy,” and “Brave,” acclaimed singer/songwriter Nichole Nordeman stepped out of the limelight at the peak of her career to raise her children. While she took an indefinite hiatus from recording and touring, Nordeman wasn’t completely removed from the industry. She continued writing for other artists, co-wrote all the songs for multi-artist compilation Music Inspired by the Story (Capitol CMG), and authored a book.

Now Nordeman is re-emerging with Every Mile Mattered (Capitol CMG), her first full-length project of new material since 2005’s Brave.

“It did feel a little bit like having to ride a whole different kind of bike when I returned to making music,” she remarks, referencing the way the marketplace has evolved. “It feels really humbling to just realize that there’s still a place for me, that there’s still a space for what I do and that people still want me to make music. That’s not always a given in this industry. So I’m just grateful.”

The mother of two says her music seems to find “people on the fringes of faith,” though she doesn’t necessarily write with that in mind. “God is so creative in the way that He uses certain music or books or teaching or even encounters with people to introduce Himself to us in new ways,” Nordeman observes. “You write songs, and you release them into the wild and who knows where they end up. My prayer is that people will just feel loved in some shadowy places.”

In addition to new music, the award-winning artist also recently released a gift book, Slow Down: Embracing the Everyday Moments of Motherhood (Thomas Nelson), a collection of essays named after her viral hit, “Slow Down.”

—Lindsay Williams