Old Testament Theology for Christians

Old Testament Theology for Christians
By John Walton
Publisher: IVP Academic
Genre: Biblical Studies
Release Date: 11/2017

How can we understand the Old Testament without Christ? Some say we can’t, but Wheaton College professor Walton shows how Israelites understood their relationship with Yahweh. Although the Old Testament culminates in Christ, it can be understood in its own right, when compared to other Near East religions.

Walton demonstrates Israel’s similarities and differences to its neighbors in its conception of God. These are His exclusivity and the notion of relationship and presence—concepts foreign to pagan nations. The covenants other nations made with their gods were conceived as tit-for-tat deals, whereas Israel’s covenant was God-initiated and predicated on God’s presence among them.

Walton also considers how Israel considered humanity, sacred space, and sin and salvation when compared to its neighbors.

Though an academic book, it’s clearly written and accessible to anyone wanting a precise understanding of the “God of Israel,” which helps us understand who He is to us today.

—Gerald Wisz