One Beautiful Dream

One Beautiful Dream
By Jen Fulwiler
Publisher: Zondervan
Release Date: 05/01/18

A SiriusXM radio host, Fulwiler connects immediately with readers, drawing them into her life with self-deprecating, humorous tales about parenting six children while pursuing her professional writing dreams. Fulwiler extracts life lessons from even the most mundane situations, weaving hilarious stories about Green Bean Lady in the grocery store and the decibel meter she once purchased to measure how loudly her baby cried.

This isn’t a parenting book, though—Fulwiler’s overarching theme is that women can indeed mesh motherhood with their other passions. She is a skilled storyteller whose writing is heartwarmingly relatable and laugh-out-loud funny. With chapter titles like “Banana Man” and “For the Love of the Blob,” this endearing book will appeal especially to moms with young children. Highly recommend.

—Christy Pitney