One in Christ

One in Christ
By David Ireland
Publisher: Regenery Faith
Genre: Culture
Release Date: 03/26/18

Ireland, lead pastor of Christ Church, a multisite, multiracial congregation in New Jersey, has written more than 20 books. His text is a well-developed, intellectually vigorous work that also communicates his passion for helping Christ followers love one another without exception.

This nine-chapter treatise on seeking out and serving people who are unlike them is so compelling that Christians will necessarily spend generous amount of self-examination in regard to their own views (and actions) on multiculturalism. Ireland recalls a vivid moment that occurred over 30 years ago when he observed African Americans, whites, Latinos, and Asians moving about with their shopping carts in a supermarket when God spoke to him: “David, why can’t it be like that in My house?” Shaken, Ireland considered that question his pivotal wakeup call to start embracing a multicultural mindset and lifestyle.

One dynamic chapter that stands out is Ireland’s call to become an authentic reconciler. The author shares four key points to learning how to reconcile in an effective way: place faith above ethnicity; take a personal path over peer pressure; practice advocacy over silence; and model diversity permanently versus temporarily.

Readers will discover much in Ireland’s text that will spark personal changes as well as recommended alternations in their community of faith gatherings.

—Michele Howe