Only by Death

Only by Death
By Kathy Herman
Publisher: David C Cook
Genre: Suspense
Release Date: 04/2018

In Only by Death, the second installment of the “Ozark Mountain Trilogy,” Herman weaves a suspenseful tale of greed, moral conflicts, and redemption.

Liam and Colleen’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s. As her health and mental capacity decline, Liam decides that ending her life is a merciful choice. His past is littered with bad choices, including financial ruin, so getting his share of the inheritance adds fuel to this motivation. Liam decides to drown his mother in the river, unaware that young Jesse witnesses all of it.

Herman, a seasoned storyteller, develops relatable characters. Readers will confront issues of compassionate euthanasia and deception. Relationships are at the forefront of the story, but the struggle for faith is evident throughout. Readers will be moved to contemplate their own beliefs as they answer thought-provoking questions at the end.

—Diane Markins