Owen and Eleanor Move In

Owen and Eleanor Move In
By H.M. Bouwman

Publisher: Spark House Family
Release Date: 04/03/18

It’s never easy to move, especially for an eight-year-old. Eleanor’s family is leaving the only home she’s ever known and moving into a duplex. While she’s not excited, her new neighbor, Owen, is happy to have someone new to play with—instead of just his little brother. But Eleanor is not sticking around. She has plans to run away and back to her “real” home, and she wants Owen to help her.

This inventive and captivating new chapter book for young readers includes great dialogue, relatable moral dilemmas, and solid lessons in friendship. Littered with fun Star Wars references and humor, Owen and Eleanor deals with issues related to making new friends, moving, the death of a pet, and fitting in. Parents can rest easy, knowing their children are reading a fun new book that’s both entertaining and teaches solid truth.

—Leslie Paladino