By Sergio De La Mora
Publisher: Whitaker House
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 10/10/17

De La Mora is a thinking man. Quick to give God credit, he shares a unique perspective in Paradox. Using David, the man after God’s own heart as a primary example, he provides expert guidance down the road of God’s truth and grace.

Paradox is a powerful, faith-building book that will challenge believers from all walks of life to grow in the knowledge of a God who doesn’t fit so neatly into all of our boxes. De La Mora reminds us that for every story of redemption, in our own lives and the lives of others, there “are hundreds who want to know why,” which may yet lead even more people to Jesus.

Paradox is very enjoyable and provocative read that should contribute nicely to the faith conversation and catch on with the “searching” crowd, college-age or otherwise.

—Von Mitchell