21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids (Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory)

Boundaries with Kids: When to Say Yes, When to Say No to Help Your Children Gain Control of Their Lives (Henry Cloud and John Sims Townsend)

Building the Christian Family You Never Had: A Practical Guide for Pioneer Parents (Mary E. Demuth)

Cleaning House: A Mom’s Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement (Kay Wills Wyma and Michael Gurian)

Creative Correction: Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline (Lisa Whelchel)

Guarding Your Child’s Heart: Establish Your Child’s Faith Through Scripture Memory and Meditation (Gary Smalley)

Have a Happy Family by Friday: How to Improve Communication, Respect & Teamwork in 5 Days (Kevin Leman)

Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child’s Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days (Kevin Leman)

How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen: From Toddlers to Teenagers-Connecting with Your Children at Every Age (H. Norman Wright)

Parenting with Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility (Foster Cline and Jim Fay)

Peacemaking for Families (Ken Sande and Tom Raabe)

Preparing Him for the Other Woman: A Mother’s Guide to Raising Her Son to Love a Wife and Lead a Family (Sheri Rose Shepherd)

Rite of Passage Parenting: Four Essential Experiences to Equip Your Kids for Life (Walker Moore)

Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Tedd Tripp and David Powlison)

The 5 Love Languages of Children (Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell)

The Love Dare for Parents (Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick and Lawrence Kimbrough)

The New Dare to Discipline (James C. Dobson)

The New Strong-Willed Child: Birth Through Adolescence (James C. Dobson)

What Dads Need to Know about Daughters/What Moms Need to Know about Sons (John Burns and Helen Burns)

What Every Mom Needs (Elisa Morgan and Carol Kuykendall)

What He Must Be: If He Wants to Marry My Daughter (Voddie Baucham, Jr.)

When Your Child’s Marriage Ends (Mildred Tengbom)

You Can’t Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded): Strategies for Bringing Out the Best in Your Strong-Willed Child (Cynthia Ulrich Tobias)

Parenting, Autism / Special Needs

An Unexpected Joy: The Gift of Parenting a Challenging Child (Mary Sharp and Eugene H. Peterson)

Autism’s Hidden Blessings: Discovering God’s Promises for Autistic Children & Their Families (Kelly Langston)

Dancing with Max: A Mother and Son Who Broke Free (Emily Colson and Charles Colson)

Empowering Your Child Who Has Special Needs (Debbie Salter Goodwin)

Facing Autism: Giving Parents Reasons for Hope and Guidance for Help (Lynn M. Hamilton and Bernard Rimland)

The ADHD-Autism Connection: A Step Toward More Accurate Diagnoses and Effective Treatments (Diane Kennedy)

Parenting, Boys

A Boy After God’s Own Heart: Your Awesome Adventure with Jesus (Jim George)

Bringing Up Boys (James C. Dobson)

King Me: What Every Son Wants and Needs from His Father (Steve Farrar)

Raising a Modern-Day Joseph: A Timeless Strategy for Growing Great Kids (Larry Fowler)

Parenting, Empty Nest

Give Them Wings (Carol Kuykendall)

The Second Half of Marriage: Facing the Eight Challenges of the Empty-Nest Years [With Discussion Guide] (David Arp and Claudia Arp)

Parenting, Fathering

88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates: Fun, Easy & Creative Ways to Build Memories Together (Rob Teigen and Joanna Teigen)

Anchor Man: How a Father Can Anchor His Family in Christ for the Next 100 Years (Steve Farrar)

Dad, If You Only Knew . . . (Josh Weidmann and Jim Weidmann)

Daddy Dates: Four Daughters, One Clueless Dad, and His Quest to Win Their Hearts (Greg Wright)

Daughters Gone Wild, Dads Gone Crazy: Battle-Tested Tips from a Father and Daughter Who Survived the Teenage Years (Charles Stone and Heather Stone)

Fathering Like the Father: Becoming the Dad God Wants You to Be (Kenneth O. Gangel and Jeffery S. Gangel and Howard G. Hendricks)

Raising a Modern Day Knight: A Father’s Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood (Robert Lewis)

Rookie Dad: Thoughts on First-Time Fatherhood (David Jacobsen)

The Father Connection: How You Can Make the Difference in Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Sense of Purpose (Josh McDowell)

What a Difference a Daddy Makes: The Lasting Imprint a Dad Leaves on His Daughter’s Life (Kevin Leman)

What Happened to My Little Girl? Dad’s Ultimate Guide to His Tween Daughter (Nancy Rue and Jim Rue)

Parenting, Girls

A Girl After God’s Own Heart (Elizabeth George)

Bringing Up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Women (James C. Dobson)

Parenting, Grandparenting

101 Ways to Love Your Grandkids: Sharing Your Life and God’s Love (Bob Barnes and Emilie Barnes)

Generation G: Advice for Savvy Grandmothers Who Will Never Go Gray (Marty Norman)

Long Distance Grandma: Staying Connected Across the Miles (Janet Teitsort)

The Power of a Godly Grandparent: Leaving a Spiritual Legacy (Stephen A. Bly)

Parenting, Mothering

Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role (Erin Davis)

Life Interrupted: The Scoop on Being a Young Mom (Tricia Goyer)

Preparing Him for the Other Woman: A Mother’s Guide to Raising Her Son to Love a Wife and Lead a Family (Sheri Rose Shepherd)

What a Difference a Mom Makes: The Indelible Imprint a Mom Leaves on Her Son’s Life (Kevin Leman)

Parenting, New Baby

Before You Were Born (Nancy White Carlstrom and Linda Saport)

Getting to Know You: A Journal for Expecting Parents (Christine M. Dorn)

God Gave Us Two (Lisa Tawn Bergren and Laura J. Bryant)

The Best-Ever Christian Baby Name Book: Thousands of Names and Their Meanings (Nick Harrison and Steve Miller)

Your Marriage Can Survive a Newborn (Glenn Williams and Natalie Williams)

Parenting, New Moms

365 Things Every New Mom Should Know: A Daily Guide to Loving and Nurturing Your Child (Linda Danis)

First-Time Mom: Getting Off on the Right Foot from Birth to First Grade (Kevin Leman)

The New Mom’s Guide to Life with Baby (Susan Besze Wallace and Monica Reed)

Parenting, Prodigal Children

Praying for Your Prodigal (Kyle Idleman)

Praying for Your Prodigal Daughter: Hope, Help & Encouragement for Hurting Parents (Janet Thompson)

Prodigals and Those Who Love Them: Words of Encouragement for Those Who Wait (Ruth Bell Graham)

The Hurting Parent: Help and Hope for Parents of Prodigals (Margie M. Lewis and Gregg Lewis)

Parenting, Sex Education

A Chicken’s Guide to Talking Turkey with Your Kids about Sex (Kathy Flores Bell and Kevin Leman)

Before I Was Born (Carol Nystrom and Sandra Speidel)

Straight Talk with Your Kids about Sex (Josh McDowell and Dottie McDowell)

Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Approach to Prepare Them for Life (Jim Burns)

The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-So-Silly Questions about Your Body (Walt Larimore and Amaryllis Sanchez Wohlever)

The Ultimate Guys Body Book: Not-So-Stupid Questions about Your Body (Walt Larimore, MD and Guy Francis)

Parenting, Single Parenting

Financial Relief for Single Parents: A Proven Plan for Achieving the Seemingly Impossible (Brenda Armstrong)

God Loves Single Moms: Practical Help for Finding Confidence, Strength, and Hope (Teresa Whitehurst)

Single Parenting That Works: Six Keys to Raising Happy, Healthy Children in a Single-Parent Home (Kevin Leman)

Parenting, Stepparenting

Dating and the Single Parent (Ron L. Deal and Dennis Rainey)

The Smart Stepdad: Steps to Help You Succeed! (Ron L. Deal)

The Smart Stepfamily: 7 Steps to a Healthy Family (Ron L. Deal and Gary Chapman)

The Smart Stepfamily: New Seven Steps to a Healthy Family (Ron L. Deal)

Parenting, Teens / Adolescence

Boundaries with Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No (John Townsend)

Dear Mom: Everything Your Teenage Daughter Wants You to Know But Will Never Tell You (Melody Carlson)

Have a New Teenager by Friday: From Mouthy and Moody to Respectful and Responsible in 5 Days (Kevin Leman)

Hope for Parents of Troubled Teens: A Practical Guide to Getting Them Back on Track (Connie Rae)

I’m Pregnant, Now What? Heartfelt Advice on Getting Through an Unplanned Pregnancy (Ruth Graham and Sara Dormon, Ph.D)

Parenting Today’s Adolescent: Helping Your Child Avoid the Traps of the Preteen and Teen Years (Dennis Rainey and Barbara Rainey and Bruce Nygren)

Preparing for Adolescence: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change (James C. Dobson)

Raising Responsible Teens in a Digital World (Brian Housman)

Stressed or Depressed: A Practical and Inspirational Guide for Parents of Hurting Teens (Archibald D. Hart and Catherine Hart Weber)

Teenage Boys: Surviving and Enjoying These Extraordinary Years (Bill Beausay)

The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers (Gary Chapman)

The Fight of Your Life: Why Your Teen Is at Risk & What Only You Can Do about It (Jeffrey Dean)

The Seven Cries of Today’s Teens: Hear Their Hearts, Make the Connection (Tim Smith and George Gallup, Jr.)

Understanding Your Young Teen: Practical Wisdom for Parents (Mark Oestreicher)

What Your Daughter Isn’t Telling You: Expert Insight Into the World of Teen Girls (Susie Shellenberger and Kathy Gowler)

When Kids Hurt: Help for Adults Navigating the Adolescent Maze (Chap Clark and Steve Rabey)

Why Christian Kids Rebel: Trading Heartache for Hope (Tim Kimmel)

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