Parents Rising

Parents Rising
By Arlene Pellicane
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Release Date: 04/2018

A preliminary quiz is a quick tip that this book is going to challenge—a challenge to parents to reclaim their biblical place in the family and set boundaries for their children.

Pellicane covers sensitive matters that often polarize parents in serious discussion. She’s adamant about the detrimental effects of unlimited screen time and supports her statements with hard facts. She asserts that providing amusement has never been, nor should it be, a parenting priority.

This book offers eight strategies to increase parental involvement in vital areas of family life. From praying for and with children to demonstrating biblical marriage with their own spouses, Pellicane challenges parents to regain authority and to use it.

Each chapter concludes with a personal question, a short prayer, and a challenge; there’s also is a group study guide. An ideal choice for new parents, this book will give hope to those struggling to raise honorable, independent, moral adults in a culture that promotes the opposite.

—Elizabeth Wisz