By Julie Cantrell
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: General/Southern Lit
Release Date: 11/14/17

Eva, nicknamed Lovey to reflect her personality, grew up in Oxford, Mississippi, playing with her sister and helping her mother with her gardens. But in a moment that changed everything, her sister lied about a shed fire and forged a lifetime sibling rivalry that drove the sisters apart.

After high school, Lovey fled the criticism, moving to Arizona. Her father insists she return early to help coordinate his 50th wedding anniversary celebration and assist him in creating his surprise gift—a memory garden. While Lovey appreciates planting the perennials, working with her former boyfriend Fisher, and seeing her parents again, Bitsy vacillates between maintaining emotional distance to being vindictive. And, she continues to lie.

Cantrell examines the dynamics of a strong family driven apart by jealousy and falsehoods as her characters discover how love can conquer old hurts and unearth the deep roots of truth that bind them together.

—Kim Peterson