Place Matters

Place Matters
By Coz Crosscombe and Bill Krispin
Publisher: CLC Publications
Genre: Leadership
Release Date: 09/26/17

In this practical guide on how to have an effective ministry in urban areas through intentional relationships between the church and community, Crosscombe and Krispin share their personal experiences from over 20 years of working in urban ministry in Philadelphia.

In recent years there has been a transition in our culture from parish ministries to urban ministries. Healthy, intentional relationships have been achieved by building partnerships between churches to work together across neighborhoods, as no one church has all the resources to transform a community.

This book is divided into three parts: guidelines on making disciples; learning to know physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries; and working as a body to reach out to the community.

Highly recommend for pastors, lay leaders, and church planters. Place Matters will challenge them to look at what a healthy urban church looks like, and indeed “go and make disciples.”

—Jolane Shaffer