Plantation Jesus

Plantation Jesus
By Skot Welch and Rick Wilson
Publisher: Herald Press
Genre: Social Issues
Release Date: 05/22/18

Racial injustice is a common response of white Christians, according to Welch and Wilson. As they say, “Plantation Jesus is the god of white supremacy…” and it has allowed us to brutalize each other.

This unique combination of authors come from diversity and inclusion management, a deceased talk radio host, and a writing coach. Together they have determined that there is a lot of brokenness in God’s kingdom with regard to race and ethnicity, and we need to recognize this brokenness in order to begin to heal.

This study is one that requires careful consideration by the reader, and to complete that analysis, the authors have provided stories and discussion questions at the end of each chapter. They have directed their explanations with follow-up ideas, resources, and exercises. In addition, they added recommendations of books, films, and commentaries along with an extensive footnote section. It can be used for either individual or group studies.

—Donna Watson