Prayer Monsters Help Kids Turn Their Fears Over to God

Teaching children to pray in any and every situation, Tyndale’s “Prayer Monsters” series for readers age 4 to 7 is the new series by Tracey Madder. The mom of four was inspired to create “Prayer Monsters” by her youngest daughter, Kiera Grace, who experienced bedtime anxiety.

“I encouraged Kiera to hand all of her worries, problems, and fears over to God,” says Madder. “I told her that God would take care of them for her and then she did not have to spend anymore time worrying about them.”

This sparked the idea of “how cute it would be to have a plush ‘Prayer Monster’ that reminded kids to pray each night. After all, why do monsters have to be scary?”

“This series uses a family of cute monsters who find themselves in a variety of situations that test their character,” says Tyndale Associate Publisher, Children and Youth Linda Howard. “The books teach kids that the best way to handle any situation is through talking to God. Each book ends with a prayer that addresses a character trait and asks for God’s help to grow in that area.”

“Young children have fears,” explains Madder. “They worry when loved ones are ill. Sometimes they find themselves in difficult situations, or need guidance in decision-making. The ‘Prayer Monsters’ help kids realize that through prayer, they can turn all of their worries and problems over to God.”

She adds that in the first three books—Pi Fright Skates into Trouble, R.J. Fright Kicks Away Her Fears, and Tora Fright Patches Things Up—kids will learn lessons about integrity, forgiveness, and trust. “Each book focuses on character building in children and centers around a problem of one particular monster. That problem is always resolved in prayer to God.”

—Lora Schrock