By Cornelius Quek
Publisher: Whitaker House
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 03/13/18

Quek, founder of 7K and Elisha’s Room, also teaches at Bethel Church and at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. He was born into a Buddhist family and came to know Jesus Christ at age 16. The author offers readers many personal stories of how his family of origin and his childhood in Singapore affected his early concept of who God is.

Quek details how he grew to know firsthand of God’s perfection and intentional provision as his faith developed and matured. Quek’s text offers Christians 11 aspects of provision from a variety of perspectives. The author shares of a personal revelation he had when God impressed upon him this statement: “Son, I am your Source. Look to Me and trust Me.”

Quek tells of specific incidences when he was in dire need of money for travel and ministry commitments and God provided through other Christians. Believers will appreciate Quek’s attitude toward finances as one in which the author isn’t naming and claiming it; rather, Quek lives quietly confident that God will always provide for his needs.

One of the most valuable chapters is Quek’s take on living in a dependent posture upon God. Quek’s work is both balanced and challenging, as Christians will need to reevaluate how they view God as their ultimate and always faithful source of provision.

—Michele Howe