Reading the Gospel with Rabbi Jesus

Reading the Gospel with Rabbi Jesus
By Lois Tverberg
Publisher: Baker Books
Genre: Bible Study
Release Date: 01/02/2018

For today’s readers, the Bible can be a daunting book, difficult to understand in a modern culture that is so different from the one its original readers inhabited. Tverberg seeks to help readers approach Scripture in a fresh way by bridging the gap between Western culture of the 21st century and Middle Eastern, Jewish culture of a much earlier era.

Many Christians leave some books of the Old Testament essentially untouched because they don’t have enough historical or cultural background about the worlds of those texts to intelligently approach them.

The author offers helpful insight on what it means for God to “forget” sin and what it means for us to “fear” God. She shows how biblical assumptions about individualism, wealth, the role of government and kings, and other issues are so different from our own that we may miss important elements of Scriptural teaching unless we learn more about biblical languages and worldviews.

This book is a fascinating and helpful guide to a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

—Joseph Benz