By Shona and David Murray
Publisher: Crossway
Release Date: 10/31/17

The writing duo Shona and David Murray have teamed up to write a co-ed series to aid people on the verge of burnout and depression. Refresh is the edition for women.

This book is tailored to the feminine perspective. In just 10 chapters the authors outline ways to recognize burnout and prayerfully overcome it. They don’t promise quick results, but they do promote a lasting outcome.

The main theme is to treat burnout like a work out, being conscious to take plenty of water breaks, as well as not taking on more weight than you can lift, and rotating your exercises.

This wonderfully instructive and helpful book keeps God at the center of your life before tackling the complexities of everything else, with real-life experiences and testimonies to the effectiveness of the suggested routine. Recommend to fans of Emerson Eggerichs and Gary Smalley.

—Kelsey Perkins