By Shona and David Murray
Publisher: Crossway
Genre: Women’s
Release Date: 10/31/17

Willing to share her painful spiral of depression, the author invites the weary, stressed, and anxious to enter “Refresh Gym.” The initial honest, self-examination (Reality Check) will determine which of the additional stations will be the most challenging and the most helpful.

Keeping in step with the title, the chapter names are fitting—Replay, Rest, Re-Create, Relax, Rethink, Reduce, Refuel—ending with Resurrection. The reader is encouraged to start the journey from stressed-out living to “grace-paced” living brimming with God’s joy, not in 10 easy steps but in small, forward-moving steps with God’s help and Scripture to provide rock-solid truths.

Refresh is written uniquely for women. (David Murray has penned a counterpart for men titled Reset.) Recommend for any woman who feels overwhelmed by life or who wants to proactively prevent becoming such.

—Kim Trivilino