By Vince Antonucci
Publisher: Tyndale Momentum
Genre: Christian Ministry
Release Date: 01/2018

Antonucci creates a new wave in healing through his approach in Restore. Our problem, he writes, regardless of what it is—shopping, eating, sex addiction, drugs, alcohol—can be overcome.

Readers can heal through biblical principals of recovery. Antonucci learned these skills when healing from a non-forgiveness problem. He found his answers by attending a sexual-addiction recovery group. Though he was not an addict to sexual activity, Antonucci found himself unable to move on from his painful familial past, which was affecting his present. After weeks of seeking his core motives and applying the biblical principals of the recovery program, Antonucci found healing.

Restore is set up with 30 chapters, each of which is designed to be consumed, pondered, discussed, and incorporated into the reader’s life. Great as a stand-alone read or part of a Bible study, this book offers sound, often humorous teaching.

—Michelle Lovato