Room on the Porch Swing

Room on the Porch Swing
By Amy Clipston
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Amish
Release Date: 05/08/18

This novel starts with the death of our protagonist’s best friend and her reaction to it. For the sake of comparison, Clipston interweaves plot lines with different characters that have different life experiences. Their reactions create the tension and challenges that keeps the reader turning pages.

Room on the Porch Swing is the latest novel in Clipston’s 30 Amish-based books and the second in her “Homestead” series. Like her other books, this one includes a glossary defining the Amish words used in the book and a list of discussion questions at the end.

Though written today, her books seem to have a nostalgic quality because of the Amish lifestyle, the purity, openness, and traditions are so well described. Still, her books do not lack conflict believers always face in an indifferent and even hostile world.

Because of Clipston’s adroit storytelling, tweens on up would enjoy the plot and spiritual messages.

—Michelle Lovato