Runaway Tide

Runaway Tide
By Julie Carobini
Publisher: Stonewater Books
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 03/2018

Carobini presents a story of romance gone wrong; lingering baggage from a broken parental relationship; and secrets from all sides that threaten to undo everyone involved.

Meg, single and passionate about her position at Riley Holdings as the sale executive who helped to create their chain of boutique hotels, finds herself at odds with her former boyfriend, Jackson Riley, who is now her boss. Jackson, still reeling his father’s death, regrets missing the opportunity to prove to his dad what a capable businessman he is.

Enter Pepper, sister to Jackson, and now co-owner of Riley Holdings, who has it in for Meg. As Meg and Jackson work to get past their differences, a mystery begins to unfold surrounding checks sent to Meg’s mother unbeknownst to Meg. Questions of loyalty arise for Jackson as he attempts to sift through the financial trail that at first glance condemns Meg.

After one too many emotional interchanges, Meg takes off for Italy to heal from Jackson and Pepper’s accusations. While there both Meg and Jackson discover the truth about Jackson’s father and much more than they expected.

Carobini’s dialogue reads true and believable, if not a bit predictable for savvy mystery readers.

—Michele Howe