Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope
By Barbara Cameron
Publisher: Gilead (Kregel)
Genre: Amish
Release Date: 01/2018

Mark is a lawyer who seemingly has everything—a good job, plenty of money, the perfect condo, and a beautiful fiancée. But he’s had his feet in two worlds, spending his summers as a child on his Amish grandfather’s farm and the rest of the year in Philadelphia. Circumstances make him realize he needs to make a choice.

Miriam has always thought of Mark as a friend, enjoying the days he has spent in the community visiting his grandfather. While she wishes they could be more than friends, she knows that’s impossible.

While there is some repetition in the story and a large, unexplained gap in children’s ages, it isn’t too distracting for the reader. The plot moves along at a good pace. Lovers of romantic, Amish fiction will definitely want to put this on their list of books to read.

—Ruth O’Neil