Send Down the Rain

Send Down the Rain
By Charles Martin
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Southern Lit
Release Date: 05/08/18

In an action-hero-type world, Jo-Jo is the toughest of wounded warriors. Able to kill bad guys at a moment’s notice, he struggles with PTSD, family betrayal, and a heart deadened to love and trust.

Now 62, Jo-Jo lives hermit-like in a mountain cabin until he discovers a widow and two children fleeing a hit man. Despite diabetes and a bad heart, he kills the hit man and drives the family to Florida, then checks up on his recently widowed childhood sweetheart.

Martin appeals to readers who like their justice swift and rough. Jo-Jo is violent, killing criminals and viciously beating those who offend him. Although the novel begins with Scripture, God is minimally present in Send Down the Rain. Jo-Jo is his own, and others’ redeemer, when he isn’t their judge and executioner.

—Lynn Waalkes