Song of Leira

By Gillian Bronte Adams
Publisher: Enclave (Kregel)
Release Date: 06/2018

Birdie’s abilities are challenged when she and Ky Huntyr embark on a mission to free the slaves of the Underground. Aided by friends and hunted by enemies, Birdie and Ky face danger at every turn, as more mysteries reveal themselves.

Thoughtful readers will be able to pick up on the biblical subtext sprinkled throughout the action-packed story, especially the encouraging message about where our strength and ability really come from.

Adams’ writing is as good as any fan of high fantasy could hope for, sporting rich mythology and a sense of grandness to its vocabulary to help match the epic scale of the story. Fans of the series will not be disappointed; newcomers should read the other books first, as there are many otherworldly characters and locations to become familiar with.

—Z.D. Wisz